Nakamura Jakuemon IV (中村雀右衛門)  as
Fuji Musume (藤娘)

Play: Fuji Musume (藤娘)
Performance Place: Kabuki-za, Tokyo
Performance Date: 02/01/96?
Print Date: 02-03/1997
Print Title: Jakuemon - Fuji Musume (雀右衛門 - 藤娘)
Image courtesy of
Personal Collection (#28/100)

Note:  Since Jakuemon IV also performed this role at the
Kabuki-za, Tokyo, in June 1995, it is possible that Binnie
used that performance for his print instead of the one at
the Kabuki-za in February 1996.


Kurumabiki (車引)

Play: Act 3, Scene 1 of Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami
Print Date: 12/1996
Medium: Relief print with coloring
Image courtesy of
Personal Collection (#6/20)
Note: There were two productions of the Kurumabiki scene in
Tokyo prior to the creation of this print during Paul Binnie's time
in Japan.  One was at the Kabuki-za in March 1995.  The other
was a special performance at the Kokuritsu Gekij˘  on August 3,
1996.   However, it is also possible that Binnie saw this scene in
a theater outside of Tokyo or in a broadcast recording.