Kataoka Takao (片岡孝夫) as
Fujiya Izaemon (藤屋伊左衛門)

Play:Kuruwa Bunsh (廓文章)
Performance Place: Shinbashi Enbuj, Toyko
Performance Date: 06/04/76
Print Date: 07/1981
Personal Collection (#85/200)

Note: Takao also performed this role at the Minami-za, Kyoto, in March


Sawamura Tjr II (沢村藤十郎) as
Kysaku Musume Omitsu (久作娘お光)

Play:Shinpan Utazaimon (新版歌祭文)
Performance Place: Kabuki-za, Tokyo
Performance Date: 09/1976
Print Date: 11/1983
Personal Collection (#28/200)

Note: Tjr II performed this role as part of his shumei.  Although
Tjr II subsequently performed this role at several venues outside of
Toyko, most recently at the Naka-za in Osaka in June 1983, Hisashi
had a habit of basing his prints on performances given in connection
with their shumei.