Nakamura Ganjirô I (中村鴈治郎) as
Kamiya Jihei (紙屋治兵衛)

Play: Shinjû Ten no Amijima (心中天網島)
Performance Place: Naka-za, Osaka
Performance Date: 10/01/22
Print Date: 1922
*Image courtesy of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

Note: Ganjirô also performed this play at the Shintomi-za in
Tokyo in November 1922, but I assume that Kanpo, a Kyoto
artist, saw it in Osaka.  It is also possible that it was
performed in  Kyoto somewhere around this same time  
Versions with blue headscarfs and grey headscarfs can be
found on the Internet, but it is not clear if they are true color
variants or if the reproduction of their colors was inaccurate.



Himazo, A Young Dancer

Print Date: 1922
*Image courtesy of the National Museum of Asian Art