06/13/24    Added new entries for Yamafuji Sh˘ji (山藤章二), and Unknown Artists (1907, 1920).  Updated entries for Natori Shunsen (1940, 1950, 1956, 1957), Takehisa Yumeji (1915), Utagawa Kunisda III (1906, 1907, Date Unknown (Triptych)), and Unknown Artists (1915, 1916, 1919, Undated Postcards #1).

06/07/24    Added new entries for Adachi Gink˘ (安 達吟光), It˘ Seiu (1958), Kobayashi Ikuei (小林幾栄), Kobayashi Ikuhide (小林幾英), Nagashima Shungy˘ (永島春暁), Shunsai Toshimasa (春斎年昌), Takeuchi Keishű (武内桂舟), Toyohara Chikanobu (1894), Toyohara Kunichika (1868, 1872, 1892-1894, and 1896-1898), Utagawa Kokunimasa (1891, 1892, 1894, 1899), Utagawa Kunisada III (1891-1896, 1899), Utagawa Kunitoshi (歌川国利), Watanabe Tadahisa (渡辺忠久), Y˘sai Nobukazu (楊 斎延一), and Unknown Artists (1891, 1892, 1894, 1896, 1910, 1978).  Updated entries for Baid˘ Kunihide (1917), Utagawa Kunisada (1902, 1918-1920), and Unknown Artists (1926).   I have decided to start including pre-1900 prints featuring s˘shi, shingeki, and shimpageki actors and rakugo performers.  Very few such prints were ever designed (other than those featuring Kawakami Otojir˘ and members of his troupe), but they can legitimately be considered to constitute "modern" Japanese theater prints.

05/21/24  Added new entries for Tsuioka K˘gyo (1897, 1898, 1899).  I have decided to include K˘gyo's pre-1900 prints from the series N˘gaku Zue (能楽図絵) despite being outside the temporal scope of this website.  Given that the series ran from 1897 to 1902, it did not make logical sense to exclude half of the series from the site, particularly as K˘gyo was essentially the only 20th century N˘ print artist with any significant N˘ print output in the late 1890s.  Moreover, since these prints were reprinted in the 1900-1904 time period, later copies of these prints would technically be within the scope of this site on that basis.

05/18/24  Add new entries for Emil Orlik (1922), and Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1975).  Reorganized the Other Topics - Masks (マスク) and Puppets (人形) sections.

05/10/24  Added new entries for Fuse Sh
˘shun (布施長春 ) Kaburagi Kiyokata (1911), Koizumi Kishio (1934), Mizuno Toshikata (1911), Miyake Hanayama (1939), Patrick Procktor, Tamura Seiten (田村彩天), and Yamada Kiyo (山田きよ).  Updated entries for Asano Tekiji (Unknown Dates), Ikezumi Kiyoshi (Unknown Dates), Kawanishi Hide (Unknown Dates), Koizumi Kishio (1932), Migata Toshihide (1901), Saito Seijir˘ (Undated Postcards), Tachibana Sayume (1936), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Miscellaneous Undated Prints), Utagawa Kunisada (1902, 1919, Date Unknown c. 1917-1920), and Unknown Artists (Miscellaneous Undated Other Prints, Undated Postcards #1, and Undated Postcards #2).  Reorganized the Other Topics - Kumadori (隈取) and Theaters, Cinemas, Etc. (劇場, 映画館, など) sections.

04/29/24    Completed Phase III of a major site expansion.  Whereas links were previously provided to individual artist pages where prints of a given play could be found, now all prints by all artists depicting a given play are set forth on the same page in chronological order.  In the case of certain iconic kabuki plays, prints depicting scenes from those plays are set forth chronologically over 2-4 pages (and sometimes organized by individual act or scene).  Also added a new entry for Munakata Shik˘ (1958).

02/11/24  Completed Phase II of a major site expansion.  Whereas links were previously provided to individual artist pages where prints of a given performer could be found, now all prints by all artists depicting a given performer are set forth on the same page in chronological order.  In the case of certain kabuki superstars, their prints are set forth chronologically over 2-4 pages.

01/26/24  Added new entries for Iwata Sentar
˘ (Undated Pochibukuro), Torii Kiyotada (Undated Tanzaku Prints), and Tsujimura Jusabur˘ (辻村寿三郎).  Updated entries for Paul Binnie (1998), Fujisawa Tatsuo (1917-1919), Hasagawa Sadanobu III (Undated Miscellaneous Prints), Natori Shunsen (1924, 1951), Shimizu Miez˘ (Unknown Date), Takehisa Yumeji (1914), Torii Kiyotada (1929), Tsuruya K˘kei (2005), Utagawa Kunisada III (Unknown Date), Yoshikawa Kanp˘ (1916), and Unknown Artists (Undated Miscellaneous Prints).

09/28/23    Added new entries for Giovanni Berio aka Ligustro, It˘ Shinsui (c. 1985, 1991), Iwata Sentar˘ (1973), Kawase Hasui (1919), Oda Kazuma (1927, 1937, Unknown Date), Lynita Shimizu (2021), Takasawa Keiichi (高沢圭一), Ueki Sumio (植木須美子), Wada Sanz˘ (1950), and Yoshida T˘shi (1969).  Updated entries for Kawase Hasui (1934), Masugawa Chikamine (1925, Undated Pochibukuro), Ota Gako (1946), Takeuchi Keishu (Undated Prints), Tanaka Shik˘ (1921), Tokuriki Tomikichiro (Miscellaneous Undated Prints), Ueno Tadamasa (1953), and Unknown Artists (1903, 1916).

08/14/23  Added new entries for Marian Korn, Maki Haku (1992), Miyake K˘haku (Unknown Date), Nishiyama Hideo (西山英雄), Nishiyama Suish˘ (1921), Odake Kokkan (1910),  Sora Mitsuaki (1969), Uchima Ansei (1992), Utagawa Chikasada (歌川周貞), Yamada Mitsuto (****), and Yumenosuke (**).  Updated entries for Kamisaka Sekka (Unknown Dates), Sait˘ Kiyoshi (1961), and Unknown Artists (1903, Miscellaneous Other Undated Prints).

07/22/23  Added new entries for Ichikawa Reizan (市川礼山), Kimura K˘suke (1976), Nakagawa Yűtar˘ (Unknown Date), Sora Mitsuaki (空充秋), Tomihari Hiroshi (富張広司), Toneyama K˘jin (利根山光人), and Uchima Ansei (内間安瑆).   Updated entries for Id˘ Masao (1981夫) , Kawanashi Hide (1956), Mitsui Atsuo (1957), Yoshikawa Kanp˘ (1922, 1924), and Yurimoto Keiko (Unknown Date).

07/06/23   Added new entries for Asahi Mio (朝日みお), Hiratsuka Un'ichi (平塚運一), Ikeda Sh˘en (池田蕉園),  Kusunose Nichinen (一楠瀬日年), Maki Haku (巻白), Max Pollack, Sait˘ Kiyoshi (1955), Takei Takeo (武井武雄), and Yoshida Hodaka (吉田穂高).  Updated entries for Hatsuyama Shigeru (初山滋), and
Shibuya Eiichi (渋谷栄一).

06/20/23    Added new entries for Munakata Shiko (1931), Oda Kazuma (1917), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1983), and Unknown Artist (Kabuki Jűhachiban).  Updated entries for Inagaki Tomoo (1930, 1931), Kamisaka Sekka (1909). and Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Miscellanous Undated Prints).

06/10/23    Added new entries for Asano Takeji (Unknown Date), Fujita Tsuguharu (藤田嗣治), Hasegawa Sadanobu III (1908), Higashiyama Kaii (東山魁夷), Hoshi Joichi (星襄一), Masuda Makoto (増田誠), Salvador Dali, and Yokoo Tadanori (横尾忠則).  Updated entries for Fujisawa Tatsuo (1918), Saito Seijiro (Undated Postcards), Shinagawa Takumi (1953), and Tokuriki Tomikichiro (Miscellaneous Undated Prints).

05/23/23    Added new entries for Asano Takeji (1932), Maekawa Senpan (1939), Kobayashi Ayako (小林綾子), Shimizu Masahiro (Unknown Date), Shimizu Miez˘ (1913, 1930, Unknown Date), Sonoyama Harumi (園山晴巳), Tokuriki Tomikichir
˘ (1961), Yamamura K˘ka (1930), and Unknown Artist (1915, 2005).  Updated Paul Binnie (1986, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2006), Inagaki Tomoo (1931), Kamei T˘bei (Unknown Date), Ota Gak˘ (1968, Unknown Dates), Saito Seijir˘ (Undated Postcards), Takehisa Yumeji (1921), Torii Kiyotada (Undated Prints), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1982, Miscellaneous Undated Prints), Torii Kotondo (Undated Prints), Yamamoto Hisashi (1988, Unknown Dates), Yamamura K˘ka (Unknown Date), and Unknown Artists (Undated Miscellaneous Prints).

05/17/23    Added new entries for Hasegawa Sadanobu III (Undated Pochibukuro #2), Nagoshi Kunisabur˘ (1922), Shiba Hideo (柴 秀夫), Tsuruya K˘kei (2005, 2006), and Yoshihara Masamichi (吉原正道).  Updated entries for Fujisawsa Tatsuo (1917, 1918, 1919, Undated), Ohashi Gekk˘ (Undated), Tanaka Shik˘ (1922, 1924, 1925, Undated Prints), Torii Kiyotada (Undated Prints), Utagawa Kunisada III (1917, 1918, 1920, Date Unknown (1917-1920)), and Yoshida Eish˘ (1914, 1915, Undated Miscellaneous).

05/02/23    Completed Phase I of a major site expansion.  In addition to prints being organized by artist names, prints are now also organized by performer names, play/film titles, and certain key words topics (e.g., music, dance, puppets, masks, kumadori, theatre/cinema buildings, etc.).  Moreover, a subset of prints have been arranged chronologically by the depicted play's performance date (or the depicted film's release date).  Viewers are encouraged to adjust the left frame as needed to facilitate site navigation.

One consequence of this site expansion has been an increase in the number of links on many pages, as well as links to pages that contain multiple images (not all of which may be relevant) . Phase II will concentrate on streamlining site navigation by combining, when feasible, prints of the same actor, play, key word topic, etc. by different artists together on a single page.  Pages that currently contain multiple images will be re-coded so that only relevant subject matter will be shown.  Phase II will occur behind the scenes and be seamlessly implemented week by week over time until complete.  In view of the amount of new coding required, it was felt it was better to roll out Phase I now, however cumbersome it may be, rather than to delay the site expansion for another six to twelve months.

11/22/22    Added new entries for Arimoto Takayoshi (有本貴義), Sarah Brayer, Matt Brown, Inagaki Tomoo (1944), It˘ Takumi (1981, 1985, 1988, 1991), Jean Jansem, Kat˘ Tei (1936), Kobayashi Asaji (1936), Lynn Matsuoka (リン 松岡), Minamiya Otohiko (南屋音彦), Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1936), and Unknown Artists (Senshafuda Set #6).  Updated entries for It˘ Takumi (1987, Unknown Dates), Kaneko Kunio (2007), Takahashi Hiromitsu (1986), Tsukioka Nink˘ (1936), Utagawa Kunisada (1901), and Unknown Artists (Undated Miscellaneous Prints).
11/13/22    Added new entries for John Edwards, Hiratsuka Yűji (2005, 2008, 2016, 2019), Hosoya Masayuki (1986, 1993, 1994), Ray Morimura, Nakayama Tadashi (1982), Ota Gako (1962), Sait˘ K˘hei (斎藤幸平?), Tajima Hiroyuki (田嶋宏行), Takahashi Hiromitsu (2021), Tanaka Masaaki (1978), Unknown Aodartist (1912), Yamaguchi Gen (山口源), Yayanagi G˘ (矢柳 剛), and Yoshimatsu Jun'ichir˘ (吉松順一郎).  Updated entries for Clifton Karhu (1982), Hosoya Masayuki (Unknown Dates), Koizumi Kishio (Unknown Dates), Takahashi Hiromitsu (1994, 2003, 2009, 2017, 2020), Takahashi Sh˘tei (Undated), and Tanaka Masaaki (1977).
10/31/22    Added new entries for Enami Shir˘ (江南史朗), Fujimoto T˘ichiry˘ (藤本東一良), Ita Yusei (板祐生),  Kat˘ Tei (加藤悌), Katsuhira Tokushi (1935), Migita Toshihide (1901), Liu Lun? (劉崙), Mut˘ Kan'ichi (1935), Nakata Kazuo (1935), Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1935), Suwa Kanenori (1931), and Tsukioka Nink˘ (1935).  Updated entries for Natori Shunsen (1949-1952, 1954), Okuyama Gihachir˘ (Unknown Dates), Sekino Jun'ichir˘ (1934), Utagawa Kunisada III (1919, Dates Unknown), and Yamamoto Hisashi (Unknown Dates).

10/19/22    Added new entries for Beno (1950), Jane Daniell, Matsuda Seifű (1915), Taga Shin (多賀 新), and Taniguchi K˘ky˘ (1935).  Updated entries for Utagawa Kunisada III (1905, 1918, 1919, Dates Unknown).

09/30/22    Added new entries for Aboshi Tone (1934), Funamoto Moichi (1933), Hayashi Minoru (林みのる), Kat˘ Yuichir˘ (2009), Komura Settai (小村雪岱), Mut˘ Kan'ichi (武藤完一), Narumi Kaname (鳴海 要), Ozaki Kunijir˘ (尾崎邦二郎), Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1934), Saitama K˘nosu (埼玉鴻の巣), Sekino Jun'inchir˘ (1933, 1951), Shimura Kazumi (志村量美), Taninaka Yasunori (1933), T˘ky˘ Anamori (東京穴守), Tsukioka Nink˘ (月岡忍光), Umehara Yos˘ji (梅原與惣次), and Yamaguchi Sohei (1940).  Updated entries for Maewaka Senpan (1953), Nakata Kazuo (1934), Ogawa Tatsuhiko (1933, 1934), Onchi K˘shir˘ (1946), Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1933), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1931, 1981), and Unknown Artists (Undated Miscellaneous Prints).

09/21/22    Added new entries for Kawase Hasui (1935), Maki Kiyoshi (牧喜義), Tsuruya K˘kei (2002, 2003), and Yamaguchi Susumu (山口益).  Updated entries for Hasegawa Sadanobu III (Undated Pocchibukuro and Senshafuda), Kat˘ Yuichir˘ (1981), Kawanishi Hide (Unknown Dates), Masugawa Chikamine (all entries), Takahashi Hiroaki (Undated Prints), Tsuruya K˘kei (2000), and Utagawa Kunisda III (Date Unknown (c. 1917-1920).

08/29/22    Added new entries for Aboshi Tone (網干利根), Aki Seiichi (安藝蜻一), Fukazawa Sakuichi (深沢索一; 深澤索一), Fukushima J˘saku (福島常作), Funamoto Moichi (船本茂一), Furuuchi Yukio (古内行雄), Ishizaki Shigetoshi (石崎重利), Katsuhira Tokushi (勝平得之), Kawamori Masao (川森正夫), Kitamura Imaz˘ (北村今三), Kobayashi Asaji (小林朝治), Kuroki Sadao (1955, 1960), Maeda T˘shir˘ (1932), Maekawa Senpan (1934), Maruyama Y˘ichi (丸山要一), Mizuno Hiroshi (水野浩), Nakagawa Yűtar˘ (中川雄太郎), Nakamura Kiyoshi (中村清), Nakata Kazuo (1934), Ogawa Tatsuhiko (小川龍彦), ďk˘chi Nobuhiro (大河内信弘), ďuchi Seiho (大内青圃), Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1930, 1931, 1933), Saito Seijir˘ (Undated Prints), Sat˘ Yonejir˘ (佐藤米次郎), Shima Michio (島美智雄), Takahashi Shin'ichi (高橋信一), Takeo (竹雄), Taninaka Yasunori (谷中規展), Torii Kotondo (1943), Yamakawa Shűh˘ (1943), Yasumoto Ry˘ichi (安本良一), and Unknown Artist (1931).  Updated entries for Koizumi Kishio (1923), Miyao Shigeo (1929), Nakata Kazuo (1932), and Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1932).

08/12/22    Added new entries for It˘ Shinsui (1960), Mut˘ Katei (武藤嘉亭), Torii Kotondo (1939), Utagawa Kunimatsu (歌川国松; 歌川圀松), and Watanabe Masaya (渡辺雅哉).  Updated entries for Hasegawa Sadanobu III (Undated Postcards), Ota Gak˘ (1969), Tsuruya K˘kei (1978), Ueno Tadamasa (1948), Yoshida Eish˘ (1914, 1915, and Undated Misc. Prints), and the Acknowledgements Section.

08/04/22    Added new entries for Akigusa Yasabur˘ (1920), Beno (ブノ), It˘ Yoshiteru (1926), Furuta Yoshio, Hiratsuka Yűji (平塚雄二), Iwaya T˘ru (岩谷徹), Kat˘ Hideaki (加藤英明), Kat˘ Yasű (加藤八州), Kat˘ Yuichir˘ (加藤裕一郎?}, Kobori Tomone (小堀鞆音), Maeda T˘shir˘ (Unknown Date), Mizuno Toshikata (水野年方), Tuula Moilanen (2009), Nagase Yoshir˘ (永瀬義郎), Nomura Toshihiko (野村俊彦), Obata Tsutomu (1989), Takahashi Ushio (高橋潮), Takahashi Yukio/Nakamura Tokie I (中村時枝), Tanaka Y˘ko (田中ようこ), Wßng WÚidÚ (王维德), WÚn M˙jiÔn (文牧江), Yamamura K˘ka (Unknown Date), Yßng Y˘ngshÚng (杨永胜), Yßng Zh˘ngyý (楊忠義), Yasushi Sugawara (菅原靖), Yoshiya, ZhÔng MţnjiÚ (张敏杰), Zhao Tianqi, ZhŔng JiÔnhuţ (郑建辉), and Zhű JiÔnhuţ (朱建辉).  Updated entries for Inagaki Toshijir˘ (Undated Prints) and Kawanishi Yűzabur˘ (Undated Prints).

07/25/22    Added new entries for Asano Takeji (1949, 1955, 1971), Hanawa Takuma (塙 太久馬), Ikeda Terukata (池田輝方), Inagaki Tomoo (1930), It˘ Takumi (伊藤卓美), Jiao Sun, Kamei T˘bei (1949, Undated), Kat˘ Tetsunosuke (加藤哲之助), Kimijima Tatsuteru (君島龍輝), Kodama Takamura (児玉篁), Tom Kristensen, Nakayama Tadashi (中山正), Nomura Takaaki (野村たかあき), Oda Kazuma (1924), Ono (Ohno) Takashi, Takahashi Tasabur˘ (高橋太三郎), Takai Teiji (高井貞二), Takeda Shintar˘ (1951), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1935, 1936, 1942, 1960, 1962), Udagawa Tamio (宇田川民生), and Ueno Takashi.  Updated entries for Kitaoka Fumio (1950), Mitsui Atsuo (1957), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘  (Misc. Undated Prints), Utagawa Kunisada III (1902, 1903 - Kikugor˘ V death prints), and Unknown Artists (Undated Pochibukuro).

07/08/22    Added new entries for Matsuno S˘fű (c. 1931-1934, 1937, 1938; 1956; 1970; Undated Miscellaneous Prints; Unknown Date - 12 Months of Noh).   Updated entries for Matsuno S˘fű (Undated Postcards), Sekino Jun'ichir˘ (1955), Takehisa Yumeji (1919), and Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Miscellaneous Undated Prints).

06/26/22    Added new entries for Furuya Taiken (古屋泰軒), Higuchi Tomimaro (1963), Ikeda Shűz˘ (1963, Unknown Date), Izumi Shigeru (泉茂), Kasamatsu Shir˘ (1977), Kat˘ Shinmei (加藤晨明), Kuriyama Shigeru (栗山茂), Miyagawa Shuntei (宮川春汀), Nishizawa Miwako (1990), Nishizawa Shizuo (西澤静男), Osugi (Oshugi) Shoji, Suzuki Sh˘nen (鈴木松年), Takagi Shir˘ (高木志朗), Takeda Shintar˘ (竹田新太郎), Takeda Shinzabur˘ (竹田鎮三郎), Tomita Show (富田尚志), Yamakawa Shűh˘ (山川秀峰), Yamamoto Sh˘un (山田昭雲), Yamazaki Junnosuke (山崎醇之輔), and Unknown Artists (1934; Senshafuda Set #5).   Updated entries for Okamoto Ryűsei (1983), Takahashi Sh˘zan IV (Undated Prints), Torii Tadamune (Other Undated Prints), Utagawa Kunisada III (1918, 1919), Yamamoto Hisashi (Unknown Dates), and Unknown Artists (1900; Misc. Other Undated Prints, Undated Pochibukuro).

06/07/22    Added new entries for It˘ Seiu (伊藤晴雨), Iwata Sentar˘ (岩田専太郎), Kamisaka Sekka (神坂雪佳), Kuroki Sadao (黒木貞雄), Kusaka Santomi (日下里美), Maekawa Senpan (1932, 1944, 1953, Unknown Date), Migita Toshihide (右田年英), ďta Sabur˘ (太田三郎), Shima Han (司馬漢), Suzuki Sh˘ko (鈴木祥湖), Takeuchi Seih˘ (竹内栖鳳), Watanabe Sadao (渡辺貞夫), Watanabe Seitei (渡辺省亭), and Unknown Artists (1903).   Updated entries for It˘ Nisabur˘ (Undated), and Unknown Artists (1902). 

05/28/22    Added new entries for Akamatsu Rinsaku (赤松麟作), Fukuchi Nobuyo (福地信世), Ishida Michihiko (石田道彦), It˘ Nisabur˘ (伊藤仁三郎), It˘ Ryűsaku (伊藤龍作), Kawachi Mieko (河内美栄子), Michael Jay Knigin, Koike Nobuko (小池暢子), Matsubara Naoko (松原直子), NoŰl NouŰt (1934), Okamoto Ryűsei (岡本流生), Sano Takao, Tanaka Ry˘ (田中良), Umehara Ryűzabur˘ (梅原龍三郎), Yamaguchi Ry
˘shű (山口蓼洲), and Yuyu Pan.  Updated entries for Mizushima Nihofu (Undated), Sekino Jun'ichir˘ (1955), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Undated), and Torii Kiyotada (1938-1940).

05/09/22    Added new entries for Homma Rie ((本間利依), Hosoya Masayuki (細谷正之), Ikeda Shűz˘ (池田脩三), Ishihara Masuo (石原**), Isoda Mataichiro (磯田又一郎), Kobayashi Matsuo, Miyata Masayuki (宮田雅之), Takamura Masao (高村真夫), Yano Masashi, and Yoshimoto Masayuki (吉本政幸).  Updated entries for Tsukioka K˘gyo (c. 1900-1901), Ota Gako (Unknown Dates), Torii Kiyotada (Undated), and Utagawa Kunisada (1918).

04/26/22    Added new entries for Hiyoshi Mamoru (日吉守), Id˘ Masao (井堂雅夫), Inagaki Toshijir˘ (稲垣稔次郎), Kurita Masahiro (栗田政裕), Nakada Kikuji (1972), Shimomura Ry˘nosuke (下村良之介), Tanaka Masaaki (田中正秋), Toyohara Kunichika (1902), and Unknown Artists (1901, 1902).  Updated entries for Kunisada III (1902, 1919), Toyohara Kunichika (1900), Yurimoto Kekio (Undated), and Unknown Artists (1900, 1902).

04/09/22    Added new entries for Asano Takeji (浅野竹二), Fujimori Shizuo (1929), Hashimoto Kunisuke (橋本邦助), Kaneko Kunio (2007), Kasamatsu Shir˘ (1936), Kawakami Sumio (川上澄生), Kawase Hasui (1936), LÝ J¨ (黎炬), Lǚ Mǐn (吕敏), Maekawa Senpan (前川千帆), Nobukata (Nobumasa?) (信方), Onchi K˘shir˘ (1930), ďuchi Makoto (大内マコト), Ryűk˘ (柳紅), Sait˘ Shinichi (斎藤真一), Sat˘ Kunio (佐藤邦雄), Suwa Kanenori (諏訪兼紀), Taniguchi Kunbi (Masami) (谷口薫美), and Utagawa Kokunimasa (1900).  Updated entries for Kaneko Kunio (2002), Kasamatsu Shiro (Undated), NoŰl NouŰt (1936), Ono Tadashige (1933), and Tanaka Shik˘ (1924, 1925, Undated).

03/31/22    Added new entries for Ikezumi Kiyoshi (生悦住喜由),  Ishiwata Koitsu (石渡江逸), Kaburagi Kiyokata (1948), Kato Kimio (Koyu), Kimura K˘suke (木村光佑), Kobayashi Kiyochika (小林清親), Kobayashi Kiyomitsu (小林清光), Koizumi Kishio (1932, Undated), Kond˘ K˘ichir˘ (Undated), Morita Kohei (森田曠平), Najima Kenji (名嶋憲児), Odake Kokkan (尾竹国観), Okamoto Kiichi (岡本歸一; 岡本帰一), Okamura Kichiemon (岡村吉右衛門), ďnishi Kichinosuke (大西吉之助), Sekino Jun'ichir˘ (1956), Serizawa Keisuke (芹沢銈介), Suda Keiz˘ (須田圭三), Suguro Koichi, Tagawa Ken (田川憲), Takeshita Kin-u (竹下金烏), Takeuchi Keishű (武内桂舟), Tamura K˘nosuke (田村孝之介), Taniguchi K˘ky˘ (谷口香嶠), Terazaki K˘gy˘ (寺崎廣業), and Yurimoto Keiko (由里本景子).  Updated entries for Kaburagi Kiyokata (1903, Undated) and Saito Seijir˘ (Undated).

03/19/22    Added new entries for Kawada Kan (Unknown Date), Kawai Kazuo (1988, Undated), Kawano Kaoru (河野薫), Kanazawa Kazuhiko (Undated), Maekawa Kazuo (前川かずお), Nagahata Kazato (永畑風人), Nakata Kazuo (中田一男), Ohashi Gekk˘ (1954), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1939, 1979-1980, 1982), Wakae Kanji (若江漢字), Yamagishi Kazue (山岸主計), and Yoshida T˘shi (1957, 1986, 1988).  Updated entries for Hamanishi Katsunori (2021),  Ohashi Gekk˘ (1955, Undated), and Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1981).

03/08/22    Added new entries for Hasegawa Sadanobu III (1947), Matsuda Seifű (1940), Miyake Hanayama (1923), Obata Tsutomu (小畑勉), Yamamura K˘ka (Toyonari) (1927), and Yoshikawa Kanp˘ (1929).  Updated entries for Hasegawa Sadanobu III (Undated Postcards), Matsuno S˘fű (Undated Postcards), Miyake Hanayama (1921, 1924-1928, Unknown Date), Ota Gak˘ (1920), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Miscellaneous Undated Prints), Torii Kiyotada (Undated), Ueno Tadamasa (1950), Yoshida Eish˘ (1915, Undated - Miscellaneous), and Unknown Artists (Undated Postcards #1).

02/27/22    Added new entries for Emma Bormann, Kobayashi Kaichi (小林かいち),  Miyao Shigeo (1965), Nakajima Tsűzen (中島通善), Someya Hisao (染谷ひさお), Tsukioka Gyokusei (1937, Undated), Yoshida T˘shi (吉田遠志), and Unknown Artists (1992).  Updated entries for Ishii Hakutei (1915) and Yoshida Eish˘ (1914).

02/17/22    Added new entries for Aida Emiko (会田恵美子), Akiyama Iwao (秋山巌), Domot˘ Insh˘ (堂本印象), Kojima Gyokuh˘ (児嶋玉鳳), Nagai Iku (永井郁), Nakagawa Isaku (中川伊作), Nakahara Jun'ichi (中原淳一), and Watarai Junsuke (渡會純价).  Updated entries for Chikamine (1927), Hasegawa Sadanobu III (Undated Postcards), Matsuno S˘fű (Undated Postcards), Saito Seijir˘ (Undated Postcards), and Unknown Artists (Undated Postcards #2).

02/07/22    Added new entries for Al Hirschfeld (1941, 1970), Suzanne McCollough Plowden, Torii Kiyotada (1918), and Yoshida Eish˘ (1918, Undated Senshafuda Set #3).  Updated entries for Higuchi Soyama (1933), Inoue Matsuyoshi (1933), Kitada Haruhiko (1933), Machida Shian (1933), Minami Kichijir˘ (1933), Mitamura Kaoru (1933), Oda Kazuma (1930), Shirai K˘yuki (1933), Takarada Nao (1933), Tanaka K˘ka (1933), *mi Tashushi (1933), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Undated), Tsuda K˘raku (1933), Uchikawa Eih˘ (1933), Yoshida Eish˘ (Undated Miscellaneous), and Unknown Artists (Undated Matchbook Covers #1, #2).

01/18/22    Added new entries for Fujimori Shizuo (1930), Gima Hiroshi (儀間比呂志), Hagiwara Hideo ((萩原秀雄), Han Daiqin (2000), Hanabusa Hideki (Undated), Hao Ping (郝平),  Hatsuyama Shigeru (初山滋), Kajita Hanko (梶田半古), Kikuchi Kiichir˘ (菊池貴一郎) [Utagawa Hiroshige IV (歌川広重)], Matsuno Hideyo (松野秀世), Miyashita Hisashi (宮下壽紀), Sugiura Hisui (杉浦非水), Takahashi Hiroaki (高橋弘明; 高橋広明) [Takahashi Shotei (高橋松亭)], and Yoshida Hiroshi (吉田博).  Updated the entry for Fujimori Shizuo (1914).

12/30/21    Added new entries for Clifton Karhu (1982), Kasamatsu Shir˘ (笠松紫浪), Nagai Seijir˘ (1912, Undated), and Sait˘ Kiyoshi (斎藤清).  Updated the entries for Clifton Karhu (1966) and Okuyama Gihachir˘ (Undated), and the Acknowledgements section.

12/21/21    Added new entries for Baba Kashio (馬場檮男), Kawanabe Gy˘sui (河鍋暁翠), Iijima Shun'ichi ( (1966-1967, 1969-1970), Kawanishi Hide (1927-1933, 1935-1937, 1950-1957, 1959-1960, 1964), Kawanishi Yűzabur˘ (川西祐三郎), Miyashita Tokio (宮下登喜雄), and Okuyama Gihachir˘ (奥山儀八郎).  Updated the entries for Kawanishi Hide (1925, 1934), Toyohara Kunichika (1900), Utagawa Kunisada III (1902, 1903 - Kikugor˘ V death prints; 1903 - Danjűr˘ IX death prints), Unknown Artists (Undated Postcards #2), and the Acknowledgements and Guide sections.

12/08/21    Added new entries for Chikamine (1923, 1926-1928).  Updated entries for Chikamine (1924-1925, Undated Pochibukuro), Miyake Hanayama (1924-1926), Torii Kiyotada (1938-1940), Utagawa Kunisada III (Dates Unknown), and Yoshida Eish˘ (1914-1915, Undated).

11/28/21  Added new entries for Kitano Takeshi (北野武), Matsuda Seifű (1914), and Ohashi Gekk˘ (1955).  Updated the entries for Obata Chiura (1930), Kaburagi Kiyokata (1913), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (Undated), Torii Kiyotada IV (1915, 1925, Undated), Ueno Tadamasa (1940, 1941-1942, Unknown Dates), Unknown Artists (Miscellaneous Prints), and Yoshikawa Kanp˘ (1924).

11/19/21  Added new entries for Tsukioka K˘gyo (1911, 1920, 1925-1926, Unknown Dates) and Tsukioka Gyokusei (月岡玉瀞).  Updated the entry for Tsukioka K˘gyo (c. 1900-1902).
11/14/21  Added new entries for Tsukioka K˘gyo (c.1900-1901, 1922-1926, 1930), and Matsuno S˘fű (1930).  Updated the entry for Torii Kiyotada IV (Undated).

10/31/21  Added new entries for Asahi Masahide (旭正秀) and Tsukioka K˘gyo (1900-1902).  Also updated entries for Utagawa Kunisada III (1922) and Unknown Artists (1922).

10/24/21  Added new entries for Asai Chű (1907), Mortimer Menpes, Munakata Shik˘ (棟方志功), Nunomura Shin'ichi (布村**), and Shimura Tatsumi (志村立美).  Also updated entries for Paul Binnie (1994), Miyake Hanayama (Undated), Ota Gako (Masamitsu) (1943), Takehisa Yumeji (1925), Torii Kiyotada IV (1911), and Utagawa Kunisada III (1919, 1920, Date Unknown (c. 1917-1920)).

10/14/21  Added new entries for Asai Chű (浅井忠), Daid˘ji T˘ru (大道寺達), Fujimori Shizuo (藤森静雄), Goto Tadamitsu (後藤忠光), Hirafuku Hyakusui (平福百穂), Hirai Fusando (平井房人), Ikeda Shingo (池田信吾), Ishii Hakutei (1909), It˘ Yoshiteru (伊藤義輝), Kaneko Kan? (金子寛), Kanno Risuke (菅野利助), Kawanishi Hide (1925), Kimura Ch˘masa? (木村丁雅), Kitazawa Rakuten (1909), Koizumi Kishio (小泉発巳男), Matsumoto Ieyasu (松本家康), Miyai Kaihei (宮井海平), Nagano Seiji (中野晴司), Nakamura Gakury˘ (中村岳稜), Nishida Takeo (西田武雄), Nishizawa [Glick] Miwako (西澤美和子), Ogata Gekk˘ (尾形月耕), Ono Eiichi (小野英一), Friedrich (Fritz) Rumpf, Sakamoto Hanjir˘ (1909), Shiroyama Toho? (城山吐峰), Sugihara Kunitaro (杉原邦太郎), Takemura Setsunosuke? (竹村節之助), Wada Sanz˘ (1908), O. Wirsing, and Yokota Ry˘shi (横田良四).  Also updated entries for Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (1932) and Unknown Artists (1926).

09/26/21  Added new entries for Paul Binnie (2017), Hirezaki Eih˘ (鰭崎英朋), Clifton Karhu, Kitaoka Fumio (北岡文雄), Kotozuka Eiichi (琴塚英一), Shibuya Eiichi (渋谷栄一), Tomioka Eisen (富岡永洗), Wada Sanz˘ (和田三造), and Yamabayashi Fumiko (山林文子).  Also updated the entries for Shinagawa Takumi (1953, Unknown Dates) and Tsuruya K˘kei (1992, 1999).

09/19/21  Added new entries for Mitsui Atsuo (1981), Ishii Hakutei (1910; c. 1914-1917), and Tachibana Sayume (1933, 1934, 1936, Unknown Date).  Also updated the entries for Paul Binnie (1994, 2020), Fujisawa Tetsuo (1919), Vincent Hack (Undated), Natori Shunsen (1926), Oda Kazuma (1930), Takehisa Yumeji (1919), Torii Kiyotada IV (1917), and Yoshikawa Kanp˘ (1924, Undated).

09/02/21  Added new entries for Helen Hyde, Bertha Lum, Ry˘ji Ch˘mei (料治潮鳴), and Toyohara Chikanobu (豊原周延).  Updated entries for Takehisa Yumeji (1919) and Utagawa Kunisada III (1919, Date Unknown c. 1917-1920).

08/29/21  Added new entries for Kishimoto Akira (1977), Kitazawa Rakuten (1927), Kurosaki Akira (黒崎彰), Onda Akio (恩田秋夫),  Inoue/Terada Akitoyo (井上秋豊; 寺田秋豊), and Unknown Artist (1926).  Updated entries for Fujisawa Tatsuo/Yumeka (1917), and Yoshitoshi Mori (1957, 1959-1960, 1965, 1967-1968, 1970, 1973-1977, 1979, 1981, and 1984).

08/22/21  Added new entries for IIjima Shun'ichi (飯島俊一), Kisan (璣山), Menjo Sachiko (毛受幸子), and Yamamoto Hisashi (1945, 1955, 1963, 1967, and 1968).  Updated entries for Miyao Shigeo (1927), Torii Kiyotada IV (1911) and Unknown Artists (Undated Miscellaneous Prints).

08/15/21  Finished beta-testing and reorganized the artist name list.  Added new entries for Nakazaka Hiromitsu (1912), and Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (1981, 1982, and Miscellaneous Undated Prints).  Also updated entries for Matsuno S˘fű (Unknown Date Noh Mask Series), Ota Gak˘ (1945), Sekino Jun'ichir˘ (undated prints), Tokuriki Tomikichir˘ (undated postcards), and Torii Kiyotada IV (undated prints).

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