OTA GAKď (太 田雅光)
aka Ota Masamitsu




Tomoda Ky˘suke (友田恭助) as
Piero [Pierrot] (ピエロ)
Play: Y˘ki na Shi (陽気な死)
Performance Place: Tsukiji K˘gekij˘
Performance Date: 07/20/26
Print Date: 1950 or later
Series: Meifu Miyage Geki no Omokage
(冥府苞苴劇容彩)  (#19)
Medium: ?
Image courtesy of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

Note: It is unclear if this is a woodblock print, a watercolor
drawing, or a hand-colored keyblock print for an
unpublished design.  Ky˘suke died on October 6, 1937 at
 age 39.