OTA GAKď (太 田雅光)
aka Ota Masamitsu




Ichimura Uzaemon XV (市村羽左衛門 ) as
Megumi Tatsugor˘ (め組辰五郎)

Play: Kami no Megumi Wag˘ no Torikumi
Performance Place: Kabuki-za, Tokyo
Performance Date: 01/1941
Print Date: 1952
Series: Sh˘wa Butai Sugata (昭和舞台姿 その一) (#3)
Image courtesy of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

Note: Uzaemon XV first played the role of Tatsugor˘ in this
play in Tokyo at the Kabuki-za in January 1911.  Although
Uzaemon XV's final Tokyo appearance in this role was in
January 1941, it is possible that Gak˘ based this print on
one of Uzaemon XV's prior performances.