Nakamura Shikan VII (中村芝翫) as
Osome (お染)

Play: Nozakimura (野崎村), Volume 1, Scene 2 of
Shinpan Utazaimon (新版歌祭文)
Performance Place: Kabuki-za, Tokyo
Performance Date: 04/1991
Print Date: ?
Artist: Menjo? Sachiko (毛受幸子)
Publication: Nigao-e Kabuki Ehon
Medium: Lithographic reproduction of artwork
Personal Collection 4/42 K; 1/55 K;  4H3 K
Note: During the relevant publication period for this print,
Shikan VII also portrayed Osome in productions of
Nozakimura at the Kabuki-za in January 1980, at the
Misono-za in Nagoya in October 1985, and on tour in
July 1983.