[The Deformed Prism of Miss Ishii Eiko]
Ishii Eiko Shi no Kikei Sanry˘ky˘ (石井栄子氏の畸形三稜鏡)

Dance: [Deformed Prism] Kikei Sanry˘ky˘ (畸形三稜鏡)
Performance Place: Hibiya Public Hall, Tokyo
Performance Date: June 1936
Print Date: October 1936  (ed. 200)
Personal Collection
Note: "Deformed Prism" was a music-less modern dance piece choreographed and
performed by the dancer Ishii Eiko in honor of her older brother Ishii Baku, leader
of Tokyo's best known school of modern dance.   The print was intended to
commemorate her final performance before her untimely death in 1936.  The print
was printed by Unsodo but published by the Ishii Baku Dance Institute (